About Alex

Alex is an American actor based in the New York City area. He studied acting for stage, TV and film at the Meisner-based William Esper Studio in New York City as well as regularly working with Larry Moss and Karl Bury for years.

Alex was born in London, England, to an American mother and an English father.  During Alex’s life through college, he was raised and trained to be a businessman – “designed to make money” as his acting mentors would say, but grew dissatisfied with life in a cubicle and on the phones.  He most commonly portrays roles of charming seducers that use who use dark, evil or criminal influence over others.

Upon meeting Alex, people are instantly struck by his zest for life, his love for people, his sharp wit and playful nature, and his infectious energy. There is more to him however than the “every man” look as he is described by his acting mentors as “beautifully complex,” “a tragic clown,” and having “emotional TNT within.”  When not acting, he is an avid sports fan and is a bit of a gym rat as well. He counts his friends, family, and faith amongst the things most important to him.

Alex is a supporter of International Justice Mission —an organization that aims to end modern slavery. To learn more, go to www.ijm.org.