Alex is an award-winning entrepreneur that has created 8 different businesses in his lifetime.  He is a graduate from the 6th ranked Entrepreneurship program in the country at Baylor University, where he graduated top of class.  His first company, Jingle Bears Productions, which created radio jingles for local companies using Baylor musical talent, he started at age 21 and was profitable within 3 months of inception.  A year and a half later, Alex won 3rd prize in the Global Student Entrepreneur awards for the creation of the successful company.  

In the past sixteen years, he has created 7 other companies, typically profitable within 3 months.  In 2015, he ran a property management company in Manhattan that grossed $150,000 in the first year with minimal overhead and was later sold.  He recently published a book designed to help actors and artists get out of waiting tables and create income for themselves through developing high value skills.

Alex has a gift for smelling an opportunity making maximum profit using minimal resources for start-up.  He is especially gifted at connecting different contacts and networks together to create unique solutions to complex problems.  Alex regularly consults with individuals and companies on how to solve complex problems and/or maximize revenue streams.

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