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Alex is an accomplished writer that has written a variety of his own scripts as well as ghost writes for production companies and studios in Los Angeles and New York City.  He is also a published author.

His clients enlist him for his expertise in taking their movie or TV concept and build it into a technically sound script that can be pitched to networks.

His short film, Blood Allegiance, was accepted to the Long Island Film Festival and LA Independent Film Festival Awards in 2017.  He is currently in the process of selling Skyview, a TV series, and working with Spike Lee's TV development partners to find a home for it on streaming.

In 2019, he published a book titled ACTORS: Stop Waiting Tables!, designed to help actors and artists get out of the service industry and create income for themselves through developing high value skills that can be passively implemented.

Alex has a gift for understanding humanity and writing rich, spiritual, emotional characters and story lines.  He was trained by a variety of top studios in New York City.

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